national excess manufacturing capacity catalog
Matching Companies, Communities, and Facilities


The National Excess Manufacturing Capacity Catalog (NEXCAP) promotes business expansion and innovation, regional economic development, and job growth by matching companies looking to relocate, expand, or diversify with the use of vacant manufacturing sites/facilities.

The decline in the manufacturing sector of the United States has left hundreds of millions of square feet of nonproductive commercial, industrial, and manufacturing space. This excess capacity provides an opportunity for foreign companies looking to expand into U.S. markets, and for domestic firms planning to relocate, expand, or diversify. However, information about these available facilities and sites, their physical characteristics, skilled workforce supply, community assets, and other data critical to making informed business decisions has until now resided in numerous scattered sources and proved difficult to assemble.

With funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), NEXCAP is uniquely and comprehensively cataloging these vacant manufacturing facilities, their assets, and those of the surrounding community. The searchable catalog offers companies seeking manufacturing production sites/facilities in the U.S. a complete and detailed overview of potential manufacturing sites. NEXCAP’s site inventory and portal populated with detailed profiles of the facilities and their host communities provides companies seeking locations with a toolkit of information to guide their business location and/or expansion decisions. At the same time, NEXCAP offers communities negatively impacted by the manufacturing downturn a venue for discovering new users for their vacant sites and facilities.

NEXCAP provides:
  1. Comprehensive inventory of closed plants and sites in each region
  2. Detailed profiles of the selected facilities, sites, and communities.
  3. A Searchable Catalog that provides access to the facility, site, and community inventories and profiles, and that includes an input process and tool that serves to match the supply of the facilities with the demand by companies.

For more information, download a printable brochure explaining the features and mission of NEXCAP, the NEXCAP fact sheet or view a map of sites profiled by NEXCAP.

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Lawrence A. Molnar Carmen Wells Quigg
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